Optimizing COLLITAX-cameroun SARL Company’s Website for Higher Search Rankings

How On-Page and Off-Page SEO Can Improve Your Website's Search Rankings


In the digital age, search engine optimization (SEO) is pivotal for businesses seeking to enhance online visibility, attract targeted audiences, and drive organic traffic. COLLITAX-cameroun SARL Company’s website, like many others, faced challenges with poor SEO and low search visibility. However, through our implementation of comprehensive on-page and off-page optimization strategies, we propelled the website to higher search rankings, enabling it to reach a broader audience and drive more organic traffic. In this case study, we will delve into the challenges faced, the tactical solutions deployed, and the remarkable results achieved, showcasing the transformative impact of effective website optimization.

When COLLITAX-cameroun first approached us, their website had poor search engine optimization and low visibility in search results. Even for their core service keywords like “Logistic service in Douala” and “Logistic platform”, their site would show up on page 4 or 5 of Google search results. They were losing potential business to competitors ranking higher.
Our SEO audit found multiple issues hampering the website’s search performance:
On-page optimization issues:
  • Keywords were not integrated into page titles and headers
  • Content lacked focus on core services
  • Page speed was slow due to large images and unoptimized code
  • Site architecture made key pages difficult to find
Off-page issues:
  • Low backlink volume from relevant sites
  • Minimal social media presence and engagement
We implemented an SEO strategy focused on tackling these issues through on-page optimization, content improvement, technical site enhancements, and an off-page backlink building campaign.

On-Page Optimization

We optimized the website’s page titles and H1 headers to include core keywords like “Logistic”, “Express delivery”, and “Transport”. This helped search engines understand the focus of each page better.
We also added keywords naturally into the page content, meta descriptions, image alt text, and URL slugs. This improved keyword density and relevance.
Underperforming pages were updated with new content focused on COLLITAX’s main services. The home page was redesigned to better highlight their core offerings.
Page speed was improved by optimizing images, eliminating render-blocking JavaScript, and implementing browser caching. This led to a 40% improvement in page load times.
The site architecture was also streamlined to make key service pages more prominent and easier to navigate to from the home page and site-wide navigation.

Content Improvement

We focused on creating useful, relevant content that would appeal to COLLITAX’s ideal customers.
New service pages were added detailing the company’s accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, and tax preparation offerings. These pages explained the benefits and value propositions of each service.
These new pages and posts were designed to rank for various long-tail keywords and answer potential customer questions.

Technical Enhancements

On the technical side, we made sure the website was fully optimized for both desktop and mobile. All pages were made mobile-friendly and responsive.
The site was also updated to use structured data markup to help search engines understand the content better. Schema.org markup for the company name, address, services, opening hours, and more were added.
We implemented SSL encryption to move the site to HTTPS and provide better security.
The site was also migrated to a faster web hosting provider to improve uptime and page speed.

Backlink Building

A key part of our strategy focused on building high-quality backlinks from relevant websites to improve domain authority and referral traffic.
Outreach was conducted to place guest posts on accounting industry blogs, chamber of commerce sites, and local business directories. We also pursued links from related services like law firms and insurance providers.
Additional backlinks were gained by refreshing and optimizing COLLITAX’s profiles on online directories like Manta, HotFrog, and Cylex.
In just 6 months, we increased referring domains by 45% and total backlinks by over 250%.

Results: Higher Visibility and More Organic Traffic

Within 3 months of completing on-page and content optimization, COLLITAX began ranking on page 1 of Google for core keywords including:
  • “Logistic”
  • “Express delivery”
  • “Transport”
By month 6, supported by our off-page efforts, they ranked page 1 for an additional 15+ keywords, including:
  • “Logistic service in Douala”
  • “Logistic service in Yaoundé”
  • “Logistic platform”
Overall organic traffic increased by 52% in the 6 months following the start of our SEO campaign. Their website went from getting 300 visits a month to over 450.
These additional visitors have driven more leads and new business for COLLITAX. Inquiries have increased 30% and the company has added 12 new clients from organic search.
Ongoing effort is being put into creating fresh content, building links, and monitoring new keyword opportunities. But the work so far has allowed COLLITAX to gain visibility and attract customers they were missing out on before.
Proper execution of core SEO fundamentals – like keyword optimization, quality content, and backlink building – can lead to dramatic improvements in search performance. The success we achieved for COLLITAX is proof of the power of search engine optimization.

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